ASIC Design

ANKASYS provides turnkey ASIC design solutions from spec to final GDS.

ASIC Verification

ANKASYS provides verification services by using
state of the art verification languages and methodologies.

FPGA Design and Verification

ANKASYS provides FPGA design and verification services
for FPGAs from different providers and families.


ANKASYS is delivering ASIC and FPGA design and verification trainings.

Flexible Consultancy

ANKASYS provides flexible consultancy services
for the complete ASIC and FPGA design flows.


ANKASYS is passionate to research and develop new technologies to meet expectation of its customers by using the state of the art tools and methodologies.


ANKASYS has over 15 years of engineering experience in microelectronic system design.


Being the first Turkish startup in microelectronic system design, ANKASYS aims to be a success story and encourage the new entrepreneurs.

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