ANKASYS Application Development With QT is a one week course, which covers all the features of the QT library. The course is offered in collaboration with ANKASYS training partner CSD.

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ANKASYS Application Development With QT Details.

    • Basic classes in QT library
    • Hello world application
    • Classes, defining user gui
    • "Signal-Slot" mechanism
    • Basic drawing and painting classes
    • Main window and functions
    • File processes
    • Print processes
    • Text editor applications
    • Dialogue windows
    • Configuration applications
    • Display image application
    • Usage of "Layout"
    • Usage of"Qt Designer"
    • "Container" classes
    • Window geometry, colors and drawing applications
    • Coordinate system conversions
    • Display images by using "Double Buffering"
    • Qmake
    • Event filters
    • "Tooltips" and "What's This"
    • Storage of application settings with Qsetings class
    • Copy and paste operations (system clipboard)
    • Drag-drop operations
    • Custom widgets
    • Portability measuers.
    • Help display application.
    • Database classes.
    • Address book application.
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