ANKASYS Unix Linux System Programming is a one week course, which covers the main features of the Unix/Linux System Programming. The course is offered in collaboration with ANKASYS training partner CSD.

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ANKASYS Unix Linux System Programming Details.

    • Overview of unix / linux
    • Posix and system functions in unix / linux
    • Disc organization and file systems of unix / linux
    • IO operations
    • Processes in unix / linux
    • Serial communication operations
    • Writing of linux device drivers
    • Communication between processes (common storage areas, message queues, pipes and semaphores)
    • Security mechanisms in unix / linux
    • Operations with threads
    • TCP/IP socket communications
    • Creating and using static and dynamic libraries
    • Overview of linux core codes
    • GNOME and KDE desktop systems
    • XWindows system
    • Important configuration files on linux
    • And other topics
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