ANKASYS FPGA-4D is a 4-Day FPGA based digital system design training, which has everything to get you started with FPGA based digital system design.

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  • DAY 1

    • What is and FPGA, the Legacy and Modern Systems
    • FPGA and ASIC Comparison
    • Fundamentals of Digital Electronics
    • Metastability and its Mitigation Techniques
    • Finite State Machine Design

    DAY 2

    • Clocks, Clock Tree and Buffers
    • Memories, Buffers and FIFOs
    • Pipeline Structures
    • Bus protocols and ARM AMBA APB, AHB and AXI

    DAY 3

    • Timing Arcs and Timing Constraints
    • Timing Exceptions, False Paths, Multi-cycle Paths
    • The SDC Format
    • Physical Constraints and Its Applications

    DAY 4

    • Vivado/Quartus Tool and System Design with Xilinx Zynq/ Intel SOC FPGAs
    • Hardware Design and Debug
    • Software Design
    • Hardware-Software Co-Design and Validation
    • Power Analysis and Power Optimization Techniques
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