ANKASYS DAP is a unique Software, which enables you to work on STDF ( Standard Test Data Format) files and perform yield analysis.

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  • 1.STDF ( Standard Test Data Format)

    STDF is a comprehensive standard for the entire ATE industry. STDF is flexible enough to meet the needs of the different testers that generate raw test data coming from ATE. Data analysis programs use STDF (binary file) to extract desired information.

  • 2.No external database requirement

    ANKASYS DAP enables test and product engineers to perform fast yield analysis and process characterisation on their desktops by making use of use of STDF files directly. ATE generates the STDF file and ANKASYS DAP opens it and analyses the result, no need to wait for data to be inserted into database. ANKASYS DAP is particularly useful for test engineers close to ATE system.

  • 3.User-friendly statistical data plots

    Distribution plots. Box plots. Parametric test wafer map. Pareto fails charts. Detailed global information : tester, lot, operator etc.

  • 4.Test Summary Information

    Test names, limits, fail counts, min, max, range, mean, sigma, cpk etc. Yield information, good parts, failing parts, parts retested. User-friendly copy and paste functionality.