UML And Design Patterns With C++ Code Examples

UML And Design Patterns With C++ Code Examples Details

ANKASYS UML and Design Patterns is a one week course, which covers all the features of the UML and has C++ code examples. The course is offered in collaboration with ANKASYS training partner CSD.

Basic Principles of Object Oriented Programming Language

  • Data hiding
  • Class and object
  • Methods and messages
  • Polymorphism
  • Interface creating
  • Inheritance and polymorphism
  • Access control
  • LSP (Liskov Substitution Principle)
  • OCP (Open-Closed Principle)
  • DIP (Dependency Inversion Principle)
  • ISP (The Interface Segregation Principle)
  • REP (The Release Reuse Equivalency Principle)
  • CCP (The Common Closure Principle)
  • CRP (The Common Reuse Principle)
  • (ADP) (The Acyclic Dependencies Principle)
  • SAP (The Stable Abstractions Principle)
  • (SDP) (The Stable Dependencies Principle)

UML 2.0 Notation

  • Object oriented modeling
  • Basic UML diagrams and usages
  • Usage of UML 2.0 notation
  • Basic model management units
  • Packages
  • Subsystems
  • Models
  • Structural modeling
  • Use case diagrams
  • Class diagrams
  • Object diagrams
  • Dynamic modeling
  • State machines
  • Activity diagrams
  • Interaction diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Communication diagrams
  • Interaction Overview diagrams
  • Timing diagrams

Gof Design Patterns

  • Main idea of dessign patterns
  • Creational patterns
  • Structural patterns
  • Behavioral Patterns
  • Non-Gof dessign patterns