ANKASYS was founded by 2 microchip design engineers who has worked in semiconductor industry for many years, with a funding received from TUBITAK. It is Turkey's first System-on-Chip design firm. The company completed the TUBITAK project with 100% success and started developing business in parallel. In addition to Turkey, it has a branch in Switzerland. It has around 30 employees, 90% which are engineers.

Our areas of expertise can be summarized as "Microelectronic Circuit Design and Verification", "Microelectronic IP Design", "Microelectronics Training Services", "Microelectronic System Solutions", "FPGA Design and Verification", "Engineering Consulting and Subcontracting", "Analog and Digital Microprocessor Based Embedded System Design”.

Until now, it has served many semiconductor companies such as Renesas Electronics (Germany), Intel (Ireland), Semtech (Switzerland), IDT (USA), Infineon (Italy), IMEC (Belgium), Qorvo (Ireland). In the industrial field, it provided engineering services to companies such as Endress & Hauser (Germany), Sensirion (Switzerland), Focus Product Design (USA), Melya Systems (Switzerland), Pantec (Liechenstein). In our country, it provided services to companies such as ASELSAN, TUBITAK (several divisions including BTE, UEKAE, TUTEL, Iltaren), STM, Roketsan, Mikro Tasarım, Idea Teknoloji, .

"UVM-Xpress" flow, which provides an infrastructure for the verification of certification-oriented designs such as RTCA DO-254, which emerged as a natural result of ANKASYS's engineering services for years, has been in use by our customers since at least 5 years. In addition to this flow, ANKASYS has a library of VIPs such as UART, SPI, I2C, ARINC708A, JTAG, Spacewire, LVDS, Base VIP, DVI, Avalon, BT656, QSPI, AXI (Lite, Stream, Full), USART, I2S, QSPI and RDMA. These VIPs are necessary libraries for the verification of IPs used in many defense industry, space and aviation and commercial projects. ANKASYS UVM-Xpress and VIPs are designed for use in both FPGA and ASIC design environments. We're aiming to add more VIPs to our portfolio.

One of its ongoing Research & Development activities is the digital SDR GNSS project. This project is ANKASYS’ preparation for the GNSS industry, whose global market share is predicted to be several times higher than today by the mid-2020s.

In addition to these, we have our own miniature tracking device and FPGA development board designs. This capability is a complementary for microchip designs and enables us to provide a complete system solution.

ANKASYS has been continuing its relations with ITU Embedded Systems Laboratory since the day it was established. During the ongoing relationship we had provided various internship opportunities to students, and received on-site assignments from researchers. Many students started relations with our company softly from the university period and became our employees afterwards.

ANKASYS became the first "Vanguard Elite Partner" of Mentor Graphics in Turkey. In addition, ANKASYS is a member of Cadence "Verification Alliance Program". These collaborations have allowed us access to the simulation software to develop our own IPs & VIPs, and provide trainings to our customers.

We were selected in a list by TİM as "Turkey's Top 500 Service Exporter" (https://www.tim.org.tr/en/press-room-news-turkish-exporters-assembly-announced-surveys-results-of-turkeys-top-1000-exporters-in-2018). Also, in 2019 ANKASYS ranked 3rd in the "Architectural, Engineering, Scientific and Other Technical Services" category in the 2019 version of the Service Export Champions List (https://www.hib.org.tr/Haber/73/hib-2019-yili-hizmet-ihracati-sampiyonlari-belli-oldu) prepared annually by the Service Exporters' Association. We would like to thank all our colleagues who contributed to this success.

We’re member of HTK (Communications Technology Cluster), HIB (Service Exporters Association), and SAHA (Defence & Aerospace Cluster).

ANKASYS continues to work with a staff of approximately 30, most of whom are engineers, with the aim of increasing its recognition in the global market and becoming the first company that comes to mind in the international arena in ASIC/FPGA Design & Verification.