ANKASYS FPGA Development Board

ANKASYS FPGA Development Board is a board that we plan to use in our IP Development activities and FPGA Trainings. It is still under development (just came from assembly). We'll share more info as we make progress. In case a customer is interested in a customized version, you can contact us to discuss what we can do for you. Main spec for the card is as below:

***Main ICs***
- Xilinx Zynq® FPGA (with real-time processing capability)
- 2GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory
- 10/100/1000 Ethernet
- NOR Flash Memory, 104MHz
- IMU Sensor
- Temperature Sensors
- Processor Supervisors
- Current monitoring
- Voltage Monitoring
- SD Card Socket
- SPI Flash
- Several DC-to-DC converters for supplying ICs, and interfaces.

Main Clock 100Mhz
Adjustable clock sources

- Several interfaces to aloow easier integration and debug
- I2C Interface (4 Channel)
- 1 X CSI2 Camera
- 2 X HDMI
- 1 X USB-to-UART Bridge
- 2 X USB On-The-Go
- 1 X JTAG
- 1 X CAN Bus
- 3 PMOD GPIO connectors
- 4 x User Leds
- 4 x Push Buttons
- 8 x DIP Switches
- Stereo Audio Interfaces (Line In, Line Out, Headphone Out, Microphone In)

ANKASYS FPGA Development Board

ANKASYS FPGA Development Board Details