ANKASYS SpaceWire VIP allows you to verify SpaceWire spacecraft communication protocol which is implemented in your design. Using ANKASYS SpaceWire VIP, you can easily construct a UVM test environment and thanks to configurable agent features, your SpaceWire protocol will be verified with industry standard specification.

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ANKASYS SpaceWire VIP Details

  • 1.Key Features

    * Easy integration and user interface
    * Decodes SpaceWire D-S (data strobe) encoded signals and provides signal level synchronization
    * Extracts all SpaceWire characters and codes: FCT, NULL, EIP, EEP, TIMECODE, NCHAR
    * Provides character synchronization
    * Handles SpaceWire exchange layer: Link Initialization, error detection and recovery
    * Supports both single and burst transfers
    * Ready-to-use SystemVerilog Assertions (SVA) based protocol checkers
    * Random and selectable pre/post delay injections
    * Pre-defined SystemVerilog covergroups for coverage collection
    * Pre-defined SpaceWire character, code and package level sequences
    * Thanks to the layered implementation approach, emits all SpaceWire signal, character and packet level transaction at the VIP (Verification IP) interface for easy analysis, reporting and debugging of SpaceWire designs
  • 2.Available Services

    * Integration Support
    * Application Support
    * Customization
    * Maintenance
  • 3.Deliverables

    * ANKASYS SpaceWre VIP Pre-packaged library
    * Sample UVM Test Environment source files